living on the island

This project was realized during my year living on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by friends, the mountains and the ocean. It was the time during which some changes happened, my hurt got stronger, my senses and perceptions did too; and I decided to change the path I was taking on my life somehow. Here I comprehended that we don’t leave a place to scape, we do it in our quest for new experiences, to thrill again and to meet new life-friends. I understood that it’s alright to break out of the routine, that that’s what makes you live, live intensely.
It is about wangling the present and knowing how to manage it. «Do not forget to live», said Goethe. We affirm life by living it, because life care, self care, is wrought every moment: here and now; at this point in time, the most fragile time dimension. Real life requires awareness of life and death is diluted if we are unaware that we die. And so the most serious issue is not whether knowing there is life after death, but whether we are alive before it reaches us.